Welcome to the shop section of the blog.

I have been involved in a number of projects over the years and produce some merch, etc to sell. As I have a limited number of items in stock I will be able to offer them to you, my loyal follows for a reasonable price (or prices).

In 2006, one of my closet friends and myself set up a small record label to produce his debut solo CD. The person in question is Mr. Mikey Jones from KICK (also XL, Freefall, WildKard to name a few). We still have a small number of copies of the original pressing of the CD and we will be offering these for £3.99 which includes the post & packaging.

Email the paypal account “” with your name, address, contact number and / or email plus the number of copies you wish to purchase.


Buy 2 copies and only pay £5.99 which includes free P&P.

The Light Of Day

Purchase today, whilst stocks last.

Please note these are part of a limited run and are becoming very rare.


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