To Start A New Chapter…

There are times in your life where… well you can’t take the everyday norm.

Not being in control of your destiny and not having the respect that you deserve.

So when do you say “Enough is enough!”?

Is it now that I should (re)find myself and become the person that I deserve to be?

What signs do I need to say… This is new chapter and for once I will be the one to write my story?


Plumber of the year?!?!

It’s okay – I’m sure you didn’t want to put the toilet seat down anyway….


 It’s only a few cm’s out……


Who said that you have to sit facing forward?


Its okay, who needs the door shut anyway….


There is no such thing as personal space….


Lets play a game, reach the toilet roll…..


Couldn’t find a better door……


Just don’t show my face, everything else is fine…..


Can’t work out if this is genius or horrendous – at least there is a seat though…Plummer5.jpg


And the winner is ……..
He found a problem and he fixed it!