Disney Cancels Tron 3

Disney has cancelled Tron 3, the proposed sequel to sci-fi epic Tron: Legacy. 

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed over the weekend that the big-budget sequel, which was due to see Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund return to reprise their roles, had been cancelled.

Despite reports earlier this year that production was scheduled to begin in September, it had now been revealed that the film was never actually green lit and Disney have decided that they will not be going ahead with it.

No official reason has been given for the cancellation, but it is thought that with the studio already committed to a busy production slate that includes live action versions of The Jungle Book, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast, as well as Alice In Wonderland sequel Alice: Through the Looking Glass, they did not want another big movie to worry about. 

It has also been suggested that the opening weekend performance of Tomorrowland, another sci-fi epic, led Disney to conclude that it did not want another big-budget sci-fi blockbuster on its slate for the coming years.

Tron: Legacy served as the long-awaited sequel to the much-loved 1982 sci-fi thriller Tron, which was set inside the world of a deadly computer game known as the Grid, a game which had been created by Kevin Flynn, who was played by Jeff Bridges.

In the sequel, Hedlund played Flynn’s son Sam, who went inside the game to find his father, while Wilde played Quorra, an algorithm-made-flesh

It grossed over $400 million at the box office and featured an original score from Daft Punk.


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