Another Guilty Pleasure

OK, so I thought my next post would be some words of wisdom or general geek news update. However it’s been “one of those weeks” in work and another hetic weekend.

So until I find something worth posting I thought I would post another video of yet another guilty pleasure… How many remember this one?

Not the original video, but a cool performance.


Dryathlon 2015 raised over £5 million!

Back in January, I took part in the Dryathlon for Cancer Research. Just had an email from the saying that this year’s event raised £5million and here’s where the money will be spent.

Our Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU) is one of the largest of its kind in the UK. £5 million can support the CRCTU for almost 3 years, coordinating groundbreaking clinical trials in cutting edge science from the lab to the bedside. It specialises in improving patient care, rapidly and safely, in order to help beat cancer sooner.

Hopefully (in my lifetime) we will get rid of this terrible illness.

Guilty Pleasures… More To Come…

OK, so everyone who knows me, know that I LOVE music.

However they think that I all I listen to is Rock (or as some would label it, Metal???).

But that’s not true – a GREAT song is a GREAT song, whatever the media, critics, etc want to label it. As far as I know there is 2 types of music – GOOD or BAD.

So from time to time I will post my favourite tracks and even “guilty pleasures”.

The first being this great tune and for some reason this is my favourite version of the song. Whether it reminds me of the great summer days of the early / mid 90s and the various festivals, camps and just general days out, no one can argue that this isn’t a great song.

So, please, enjoy…