Modern Vintage, A Modern Classic…

So the 1st 2 records from SIXX:A.M. were instant classics to my ears. Newbie, well it took it’s time to find joy with my ears.

Finally it’s happened!!!

Wow, what a record. SO MANY TWIST, THRILLS & LAYERS.

Great stuff, now get over to the UK for some live dates…

'Modern Vintage' album cover


  • 1. Stars
  • 2. Gotta Get It Right
  • 3. Relief
  • 4. Get Ya Some
  • 5. Let’s Go
  • 6. Drive
  • 7. Give Me A Love
  • 8. Hyperventilate
  • 9. High On The Music
  • 10. Miracle
  • 11. Before It’s Over
  • 12. Before It’s Over (Piano Ballad)*
  • 13. Stars (Cinematic)*
  • 14. Gotta Get It Right (Acoustic)*
  • 15. Let It Haunt It (So Beautiful)*


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