So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be more active on this little blog of mine.

Well, it’s the 1st week of March and the last time I wrote on here was on New Year’s Eve – how naughty of me 😦

The trouble with life is that there is too many distractions and not enough hours. If I didn’t have these I would be blogging on a daily basis… on how boring life is.

However, I’m thankful that I have finally found a career that I’m passionate about and one that will open many more doors and hopefully create a little business of my own. Something that I’ve dreamed about since I was a geeky teenager in secondary school.

With this new career I’ve been busier than any other job I’ve had and I don’t realise how quick the day goes. This is followed by being taxi driver and dad to two of the best children I’ve ever known. And, the best thing is that they are mine.

With football, karate, cubs & scouts amongst other activities our evenings and weekends are very full. I too have a role within Scouting, the local Residents Association and the Prince’s Trust, so you can see how precious time can be.

However I will try and get on here more and post articles that may or may not interest you. *Promise*

Thank you for the loyal support and interest in my little blog. Hopefully I will have another update soon.

Until next time, if you are driving home – make sure it’s your own car.


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