These Guys Just Broke Into Michael Jackson’s Old House. They Never Expected To Find This Inside.

In 2003 Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch was raided by countless police officials with warrants regarding child molestation allegations. Shortly after that Michael Jackson left the property saying that it had been violated and wasn’t the same. 3 years after that the house went into foreclosure and has been in a real estate limbo for quite some time since then. Well four friends who had lived in the area knew that this was the case and they also did some research and found out that the estate’s electricity bill had not been paid. Well their curiosity got the best of them and they had to try and explore. It took some doing but they were able to sneak into the property and they found some amazing things. Nothing that they had expected but they weren’t really sure what to expect.

The entrance to Neverland.


They are urban explorers who usually go into abandoned malls or schools for the photography but this was the first residence they had been in.


They had to sneak past the guard and after that there was nobody around the enormous estate.


One surprising thing they found was this logo of a little boy in footy pajamas on almost everything around the house. Some were as big as 60 feet wide!


They also found a stack of fan mail that they went through. The picture on top is the prosecuting attorney trying to convict Michael Jackson with devil horns drawn on him.


They said they found a bunch of weird art like this piece of Michael leading a group of kids.


The house was immaculate they said. Like somebody was there once a week cleaning it. There were about 10 rooms in the mansion and two of them were locked.


The property was so big that they couldn’t make it to the petting zoo but they did see the rest.


Even the bumper cars had the little boy on the moon logo.


They found very ornate things around but mostly everything was for children. The house had every single toy you could think of.


In the garden there were giant sculptures. This clock stood out because the time stopped when the power was cut to the house.


What they did was completely illegal and an invasion of privacy but they said they just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. They weren’t sure what to expect but Michael Jacksons Neverland was more than they ever imagined. They found it odd that the water was kept on and the house was so clean but it also felt completely abandoned. They found normal things you’d see in a house like change on the table and a little office space with a computer and normal household items.


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