Metallica Confirmed To Headline Glastonbury

Well the rumour is true. Metal’s biggest selling band, Metallica is going to headline the Saturday night at Glastonbury.



The news has caused so much outcry from their fanbase and the wannabes who attend this legendary festival.

So what if the band are playing a festival that has ignored the metal / rock genre for so long (although many “rock” bands have played before, but only those who seem to be credible for the trendy hippy crowd – ie the chart toppers who can’t perform live). This is great news for the band and their fans, as the band are playing a gig that is new to the genre and this helps to bring our beloved music to the masses. No longer will a metal / rock band be considered to play “rock” festivals (although Download has forgotten what rock is and again only book acts that sell tickets), they can be added to shows that only cater for the X-Factor type crowds – great news for music lovers everywhere?. This is another milestone and will allow our beloved music to be heard to a new bunch of kids and hopefully rid us of the Simon Cowell world of 5 minute wonders.

Glastonbury, in fairness, have always tried to push the boat out when booking their acts (although some have been booked due to their popularity and not because of the music they “produce”). Remember Jay Z and Beyonce, acts that caused similar moans from the Glastonbury tribe, but went down a storm.

Good luck to Metallica. A band who at times have done stupid things (Napster?, St. Anger?), but always pushed the boundaries to ensure they are still one of the biggest bands around. It’s not selling out, it’s proving to others that hard work does pay off.

Next move for Glastonbury is be fair with their ticketing system. Although I won’t hold my breath…

Glastonbury, this is whats coming…


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