Life Without The Beer!!!

Well it’s day 39 (or week 6) and I still haven’t had a drink. Started on 1st January as part of this year’s Cancer Research Dryathlon. To be honest I still don’t have the desire to drink either. So it could be a good thing – or could it be that I’m feeling slightly under the weather (got the dregs of my wife & kid’s “deadly” cold).

The only problem is that, although I’m not looking bloated, I cannot shift the extra weight… Just my luck I suppose 🙂

I also feel that I’m sleeping better… and longer too. It’s a pain for me to get up in the mornings (although I don’t like mornings, like to strangle the “git” who came up with the idea of mornings!!!).

But tonight, I cannot sleep – hence an entry into my blog… Yeah, I lead the exciting life that many crave (LOL!!!).

Night, night all those who can sleep (not happy with you).


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