Carlton – sorry – Alfonso Ribeiro is going into the camp!


I haven’t actually seen much of I’m A Celebrity…, which is the reason why I am doing it. If I had seen more of it… I would probably say ‘Hell no’.

– Alfonso
  • Best known as: Carlton from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
  • Age: 42
  • Missing any special occasions?: Time with his new baby boy
  • Relationship status: Married

“This is 100% brand new for me. Nothing about this is what I am used to.”

That’s right, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Alfonso (a.k.a. Carlton, as if you didn’t know) had only seen a couple of episodes of I’m A Celebrity… before heading into the camp.

“It’s all going to be totally brand new and I’m excited to meet everyone. I probably won’t know anyone in the jungle… I am going in with a true open mind as to who they are as I will have no clue.”

But is there anything he would refuse to do?

“I am a little bit claustrophobic, so anything where you can’t get out will be a problem,” he says, apparently oblivious to the fact he’s almost certainly going in a dark cave and/or a coffin full of bugs at some point.

This series could well be a story all about how the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air star’s life gets flipped, turned upside down…


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