SHADOWS Open Evening

So last night was a success. Pity some of my invites didn’t come along as it would be very helpful for them.

One of the guys did the following poem, I make no apologies for posting as Mental Illness is dreadful and more people should be made aware on other’s state of minds before making any judgements.

I was teetering at the edge of death or life
to make sense of this agonising strife
I stood at that chasm and heard a distant shout
Shadows saved me without a doubt

People like me, with mental illnesses like mine
First time I met people with whom i could align
Other folks issues, I was not alone
And the offer of help at the end of the phone.

The first night was hard, I was nervous as hell
But I guessed those before me had been nervous as well
I was welcomed in like a returning father or son
To a new group, a wonderful caring one

And now I’m a regular, don’t miss a trick
I’m making my way back from being so sick
This may be dramatic, but it has to be said
Without shadows I think I’d be dead

So if you read this and you’re thinking to come
I would recommend shadows to anyone.

For details, please go to

Who Are You Going To Call…

Well it seems that the rumours are true?!?!

There will be a third Ghostbuster film, no official word on the plot, who is in it and will it really be a continuation of the first two films.

I have to admit that the reboot with the female cast was excellent and I was hoping that they would continue with this cast, but at this stage it looks unlikely and if the forthcoming “3rd Episode” becomes a success then it looks like we never see a sequel to the 2016 all-female reboot – which was far superior to Ghostbusters 2.

Although this seems to get the fans of old very excited, one person who is not happy is Leslie Jones who played Patty Tolan in Paul Feig’s 2016 reboot.

So what are your thoughts?

If the reboot doesn’t feature any of the original cast or characters from the 1980s movies, then why? Or if it does or has a new cast, why not have them connect with the female version and make it something more than a weak 3rd instalment of the franchise.




Currently listening to MAGNUM’s Brand New Morning CD – I haven’t played for a very long time and wow, I have missed this!

A New Year & A New Chapter…

Wow, the last post from me was 2 years ago!!!

So I suppose I have some explaining to do…?

During September 2016, my wife separated from me and we have now divorced (confirmation came through last week). Hence my silence on this blog.

This period of time has been a very painful time for myself as I didn’t see it happening and I suppose I’m still in dis-belief.

However 2019 is here and I need to start a new chapter in my life, yeah there are still things happening due to her greed and lack of respect for myself and our children (that may be a story for another time).

As part of the process of the new life I have addressed a few things about myself, mainly I do suffer from depression & anxiety. This has been with me since my teens, but it’s only in the last 12 months that I’ve acknowledged it.

I have since found an awesome group of people who are going through the same as me and I wish there was more groups like this around the UK. Until more is done I would like to Thank all those at the SHADOWS GROUP – and I hope they can make more of a noise to those in power to address that MENTAL HEALTH needs to be recognised and further support / funding is needed.

So where do I go from here. Well everyday is a new adventure and I’m hoping to embrace as much as I can, although I can’t guarantee that each day will be great (I have my family at Shadows to help me through). I have a number of projects planned for the year and I’m kickstarting myself to get these off the ground and once I have more details I will post them here.

In the meantime I have updated this blog to include my Twitter & Instagram pages. Further changes to this site will happen during the next 12 months to make it a fun, even stranger and most importantly a place for useful information to help others.

Thank you all for your patience and support, here’s to a new & exciting period in our lives.

Here’s a little video that I think represents you all :